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 I'm now reading the book Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway. I was asking about what books to read when someone suggested to read Emme and Oliver, it is a romance/young adult book so I was open minded. I never thought that after reading this book it would become my new favorite book! I haven't finished the book yet, but this bool has actually made me chuckle while reading it.

 Emmy and Oliver is about two best friends who were ripped apart when Oliver was kidnaped in second grade. The book is all about new friendships, secret adventures, and romance. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because it's based on a teenagers point of view, and the way it's written makes it really seem like a teenager wrote it. One of the main characters in the book Emmy has very quick whit and comebacks that a teenager would have.

Right now I'm on chapter nineteen but I would like to discuss chapter five. Like I said before I really like the dialogue of the book and in chapter five I feel like a lot happened and it's weird that I feel like the beginning of the book happens so quickly. In chapter 5 Oliver was just found and he's going to his first day of school. In the book Emmy's mom told emme that it was going to be olivers first day of his new high school and to be nice give him a little "space" to adjust to a new town.

When Emmy was told about Oliver's first day Emmy and her mom had a conversation when the mom asked Emmy to be nice Emmy said " I thought we were giving him space. And if we're not, why wouldn't I be nice?"  Then I added, " I'm very nice. I'm nice to everyone who deserves my niceness." (pg. 38) The things in the book that the teenagers say truly just reminds me of things or conversations I can hear myself having. I truly think it's amazing how the author did that.  Within the chapter when Emmy saw Oliver next door she embarrassed herself and I like how the author did that too because in a lot of romantic type of books they always say the perfect thing and Robin Benway didn't do that, and I like how she didn't because it's not realistic to know the perfect thing to say.

Overall I am truly enjoying this book and can't wait to find our how it ends. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who is into romantic/ young adult type of books it's funny and has a lot of mystery and is a wonderful read.


  1. Really good! I think if you like this book, you would enjoy any of Rainbow Rowell's works. It has that teenage/ romance style that seems very similar to this book.


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